Do you send out surveys to your camp families the day camp ends? We didn’t either for a long time and we, along with our camp families, missed out.

At Grow My Camp we believe in telling the truth. That just doesn’t apply to our summer camp marketing efforts. It actually starts with telling the truth about ourselves. How great of a summer did our campers really have? What are we missing? How can we improve? Having the courage to ask these questions, and not get defensive, are what lead to long-term growth for both enrollment and camp culture.

So Camp has actually started. Why should this be a priority right now? What does this have to do with our summer camp marketing strategy?

Here’s why you should care. First, regardless of how well you think you’re doing, the reality is the reality, and you are missing it somewhere. Your families are much more forgiving if they know you value their feedback. Likewise, surveying your families lets them know that you care. It may even tip the scales on a family giving camp another shot for next summer. Finally, surveying your families gives you a punch list of priorities once Camp is over.

How do I get this started, especially in the grind of summer? First, create an account on Their basic plan is free. Create a simple survey that asks about primary feedback, like rating overall experience or the number one way to improve their child’s experience. This feedback can also be a key source for marketing content the rest of the year.

At Grow My Camp we also believe in making data-driven decisions. This survey is no different. Review your feedback at the end of the summer, filter out the most valid responses, and then go do something about it. This will not only show your camp families you’re serious about feedback, but it will also help build trust.

Need help putting together a feedback loop strategy this summer? Shoot me an email at We’d love to help you follow through!