In 2011 the co-founders of Grow My Camp met at a CampMinder conference. One had just taken over his family's struggling camp business and was in dire need of a new website. The other had been designing camp websites and brochures for almost 20 years. This initial meeting sparked both a friendship and a long-term growth strategy for summer camps. After tripling the co-founder's camp revenue and overhauling the culture for the better, they realized that there was a proven formula to healthy growth for camps. In 2017 Grow My Camp was officially launched to share this knowledge with other camp directors. Since GMC launched, we've enjoyed seeing record enrollments for many of our Grow My Camp clients



Travis Adams | CEO & Co-Founder

I am passionate about creating environments that foster the growth of people, and I currently get to live this out everyday as the co-founder of Grow My Camp and owner of Camp Huawni. Vocationally I have over 15 years experience in the Sales & Marketing world, have launched two successful startups (one serving millions of children and another saving hundreds of marriages), and have dedicated the last decade to stewarding Camp Huawni. I enjoy prioritizing family and solitude over work, and I love surfing (very much a novice!).


Kyle Rinehart | COO

I know this sounds cliche – but I love business. As a child of entrepreneurs, I have grown up understanding what it truly means to own & operate your own business. I have also seen how systems and efficiencies can truly make life better. I have over 11 years of management, sales, and marketing experience in the NASCAR, Harley-Davidson, and Summer Camp industries, and I enjoy getting to share my personal experiences to improve the lives of other business owners. I have an education focusing on Commercial Recreation & Tourism Management, and Computer Programming & Web Development. I enjoy riding motorcycles, traveling, and snow skiing.


Strategic Process

Grow My Camp exists for one reason... to help camps succeed. We understand summer camp & business, but most importantly we know how to engage your target audience, which ultimately brings you more campers.

Strategic Process

Our process includes finding areas of opportunity, creative problem solving and implementing business growth strategies to ultimately get results.

Lead Generation

Digital marketing has transformed the sales process. Finding new leads, and converting them to customers, is critical to growth. GMC understands your target audiences—and the best ways to engage them.

Lead Generation

We create highly targeted lead generation campaigns that are relevant, trackable, and effective.

Sales System

Having a strategy and deploying effective ad campaigns are not enough. Knowing what to do with your leads is arguably the most important phase in the entire conversion process.

Sales System

We create a software environment that will house all of your leads and will help you manage your prospects in the most effective way possible. We'll teach you how to communicate with your potential customers so that you can sign-up as many as possible.


No company can promise you overnight results. What we can promise you is that we will work with you to create the best marketing plan for your camp and commit to progress over time.


We monitor all the relevant data throughout the sales funnel – when the prospect first finds out about your camp, all the way until they become a customer. We let the data tell us where we are successful and where we need to improve.

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