Right now most summer camps are in a holding pattern. No one truly knows what the summer holds. Despite all the chaos, marketing opportunities exist this week for your camp.
Write 10 blogs/social media content and begin posting them. Take your mission to the homes of your families!
What are the things that your summer camp instills in the lives of your campers that families need right now? Consistency in an inconsistent world? Strength? Face-to-face interactions? Simple fun? This next week our camp is about to unveil a tribal competition challenge that our campers can do at home. Our goal is for our families to experience the fun of camp at home along with some friendly competition!
Stay connected with your 2020 leads as the flood gates could open come mid-may.
Consider sending out a relevant email message to all your leads who have yet to enroll. The goal is not to necessarily sign campers up today but to keep your camp top of mind in the event the coronavirus dies down. As a parent, I can say first hand that I am ready to get my kids out of the house! We are hearing this sentiment from dozens of other families.
Recruiting for 2021 starts now. Have a plan.
In the event summer is postponed, many camps will face a steep challenge. If this happens, you need to be prepared to begin filling your 2021 summer. One huge asset you will have if summer is a no go is you and your staff’s time? How do you best use it? I highly recommend coming up with an aggressive strategy to begin marketing camp this summer. You’ll have a captured audience at home dying to reconnect with the specialness that is summer camp. This also would include going to camp with your full-time staff and using your time and energy to actually have a version of camp that you can share.
Finally, as you are cutting costs, remember that your marketing efforts are the only line items that generate revenue. I’d strongly urge you to cut any non-essential expenses. That said, to fill bunks next summer, do everything you can to keep your marketing capabilities robust.
If you have questions or need encouragement through this trying season, feel free to reach out. We are here to serve you.

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